The Best Self Publishing Companies for 2020

Self publishing companies are grabbing hold of an increasing market share in the overall book publishing market. If you’re an author who wants to have more control of their work and a larger chunk of the final profits when your book gets sold, now is one of the best times to move to self publishing channels.

Looking for a self publishing company? There are many options available and you have to make sure that you choose the right one for your individual needs.

Here’s the essential information about how to choose the right self publishing company – and what some of the best self publishing companies are for 2020.

Choosing a Self Publishing Company

Always choose a reputable self publishing company. There are many smaller, lesser-known companies out there that promise writers the ability to publish their work – but then they ask for money upfront for so-called “printing costs.”

Any self publishing company that asks you for money is one that you should pass on. Companies like Reedsy, Amazon or Lulu don’t require money first and work on what’s called a “print-on-demand” basis.

Look for a self publishing company that provides the author with the most amount of control. The whole point of self publishing is handing the author more power to publish and market their own work, after all.


Lulu is one of the most popular self publishing platforms out there and often the first ones that authors will approach. They offer writers the ability to upload their own manuscript to the site along with a cover, but they can be very specific about the formatting guidelines that you have to use when formatting the manuscript in order to have it accepted by the system.

Getting to know the way of formatting isn’t that hard, and it just means that you have to read through the Lulu formatting guide in order to get to know it.

From there, you can choose to have your book exported as either a print book or e-book, and you get to sett the price.

One of the disadvantages of the Lulu platform is the high shipping price that it can add to the cost of the book for international readers. Even if costs are low for the author, this can increase the cost that trickles down to their fans.

Lulu allows for authors to order a print proof copy.


For writers who don’t like the look, feel or high shipping costs of the Lulu platform, Reedsy offers one of the most powerful alternative options out there.

From uploading the manuscript through to selling it to your readers, Reedsy places everything at your fingertips with their easy platform.

As an author, you set the cost of your work, and you get to promote it from there. Reedsy has their own formatting guidelines, but they are a little less rigid than those of Lulu – and Reedsy allows you to alternatively sell your book on several different platforms like Amazon.

If you’re stuck, refer to either the Reedsy online help or their support team. Whether you’ve published a book before yourself or not, Reedsy makes the entire process easier from start to finish to sales.

Amazon Create-A-Space

Amazon Create-A-Space offers a third self publishing option with an easy manuscript uploading platform. What’s great about this Amazon self publishing channel is direct access to the Amazon Marketplace where books are sold, but this can limit authors who want to increase their reach and sell their work on more than just one or two platforms.

For people who prefer an easier-to-use platform, Reedsy has proved to be preferable for writers, seasoned or new.